Burns and fire accidents are a common occurrence in our country, leading to loss of lives and properties worth millions of Kenya shillings as witnessed in the Gikomba fire and other past fire tragedies

The Burns Society of Kenya was started one and a half years ago and registered with the registrar of societies on 9th July 2013. A group of Kenya Society of Plastic Surgeons felt that the sub specialty of burns required a society in keeping with international norms. Since the launch of the Burns Society of Kenya officials have been acting on an interim capacity and a bit of work has been done but a lot still needs to be done in future in order to have an impact in reducing burns mortality and morbidity in Kenya.

The main purpose of the society is to give back to communities all over Kenya especially the vulnerable/disadvantaged groups that cannot access the treatment of burns and rehabilitation of the same.

With these in mind, some of the activities that have been undertaken are:

  1. The first national burns symposium which was held at the Red Cross Boma Hotel and a good number of old and new members from across the country attended.
  2. The other activity was at the Kenyatta National Hospital where we had a faculty from South Africa who came to share with us on Emergency Management of Severe Burns (EMSB).

These two informative forums have been the launching pad on the awareness of this subject. Many individuals within the profession have become members.


Our membership is not limited to those who are practicing Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery but is also open to the wider medical fraternity and members of the public at large. We also encourage corporate membership

Some of our members have had the opportunity to attend international forum and have gained knowledge in modern trends in management of burns. Although the numbers are few, the society aims to increase the number of members who will be acquiring this knowledge.


The society’s patron is The Kenya Red Cross.

Our Partners

We have partnered with stakeholders like Smith and Nephew, Harleys Ltd just to mention a few who have shown great interest in partnering with the Society in the field of dissemination of knowledge. The Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) has recently shown interest in partnering with us to strengthen the Burns Society of Kenya.

Kenya Power
Harleys Ltd
Smith and Nephews